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Toyota Motor Corporation's V family of engines were a longitudinally mounted V8 engine design. They were used from the 1960s through the 1990s. The V family engine was used in the prestigious Toyota Century. The V Family is often referred to as the Toyota Hemi as the engine features a similar cylinder head design to those found on the Chrysler's Hemi, even though most of the engine design is completely different.

1963 - V - OHV

  • 1963-1967 - 2.6 L (2599 cc) V

The V 2.6L engine was first used in the Crown 8, part of the second generation Crown from 1964 to 1967. Thereafter the Crown 8 was replaced by the upmarket Toyota Century

  • 1967-1973 - 3.0 L (2981 cc) 3V
  • 1973-1983 - 3.4 L (3376 cc) 4V
  • 1983-1998 - 4.0 L (3995 cc) 5V

The 3V, 4V and 5V engines were used in the Toyota Century up until 1997 when it got a complete redesign and gained the 5.0 L 1GZ-FE V12

The V series engines, like several Toyota Motor Corporation engines (e.g. 2T-C, 2M, 4M etc) at the time had a hemispherical combustion chamber. The position of the sparkplugs, like the 2T-C and Chrysler's Hemi, were located on the top of the head.