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The T2xx is an automobile platform that was used by Toyota throughout the 1990s for a range of its cars.

Platform Models Layout Engines Notes
ST200 Carina ED F4/FF 3S-GE w/ AWD or 3S-FE/4S-FE w/ FF
ST201 Carina ED, Corona Exiv
ST202 Celica, Carina ED, Corona Exiv, Curren FF 3S-GE / 3S-FE without 4WS inc. JDM SS-I, SS-II, and SS-III
ST202C Celica Convertible
ST203 Celica, Carina ED FF/4WS 3S-GE / 3S-FE with 4WS inc. JDM Celica SS-I only and Carina ED.
ST204 Celica FF 5S-FE USDM GT / Canadian GT-S / Australian SX, ZR
ST205 Celica, Carina ED F4 3S-GTE Celica GT-Four and Carina ED.
ST206 Curren FF 3S-FE or 3S-GE without 4WS
ST207 Curren FF/4WS 3S-FE with 4WS
ST208 Curren FF 4S-FE without 4WS
ST210 Corona Premio Carina E 4A-FE, 7A-FE, 3S-FE, 2C-T, 3C-TE
ST210G Caldina FF 4A-FE, 7A-FE, 3S-FE GT, G, E
ST215 Corona
ST215G Caldina F4 GT, G, E
ST215W Caldina F4 GT-T
ST216 Caldina / Corona (inc. 3S-FE)
ST220 Avensis / Caldina / Corona (inc. 3S-FE)
ZZT230 Celica 1ZZ-FE
ZZT231 Celica 2ZZ-GE
ST235 / ZZT235
T240 Premio 2nd Generation / Allion 1ZZ-FE, 1NZ
ST246W Caldina F4 GT-Four
T250 Avensis 2nd Generation
T260 / ZRT265 Premio 3rd Generation / Allion / Caldina 1ZR, 1NZ, 2ZR Japan and some Asian markets
T270? Avensis 3rd Generation

Key for the above table:

FF Front-mounted engine, front wheel drive
F4 Front-mounted engine, all-wheel drive
4WS 4-wheel steering

The first character of the platform code indicates the Engine series:

A 4 cyl petrol
C 4 cyl diesel
G 6 cyl petrol
K 4 cyl petrol, pushrod
M 6 cyl petrol
R 4 cyl petrol
S 4 cyl petrol
T 4 cyl petrol
ZZ 4 cyl 1.4, 1.8L petrol, VVT-i
ZR 4 cyl 1.8L petrol, Valvematic