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Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (TEMA) is an automobile manufacturing and research and development company owned by Toyota Motor Company. It is the result of a merger of Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America (TMMNA) and Toyota Technical Center, U.S.A. (TTC) in April 2006, and has its headquarters at the former TMMNA headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Predecessor companies

TMMNA opened in 1996 and oversaw all Toyota manufacturing concerns in North America. The company employed 1,055 with an annual payroll of $113.1 million.

TTC opened in June 1977, and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. TTC employs 728 people in four states. The company is engaged in engineering design and research and development.

Toyota factories:

Corporate Welfare and Government Subsidies

Toyota has received billions in federal, state, and local government tax subsidies and incentives including:

  • $323.9 million in subsides for the plant in Tupelo from Mississippi taxpayers. [1][2]
  • $371 million in subsides for the Georgetown plant from Kentucky taxpayers.[3][4]
  • $227.5 million in subsidies and tax incentives for the Tundra plant by Local, Texas, & U.S. taxpayers. [5][6]
  • $125 million (Canadian) in subsidies to help cover research, training and infrastructure costs. [7]
  • $29 million in subsidies for the Huntsville Engine plant by Alabama taxpayers [8]

Toyota also received subsides of $3,150 per Prius sold in the United States. This amounted to at least $189 million for the 60,000 cars sold.[9]