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Toyota Motor Corporation's K family is a series of 4 and 5-speed light/medium-duty transmissions found in Toyota Corollas and Starlets.


Oil capacity: 3.0 lmp pints(1.7L)

Synchromesh on all Forward gears


  • First Gear: 3.769:1
  • Second Gear: 2.250:1
  • Third Gear: 1.405:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.010:1
  • Fourth TRD**: 1.5436:2
  • Reverse Gear: 4.316:1


  • Most 4-speed RWD Tercel, Starlets and Corollas with K-series engines
  • KM20 series LiteAces that were fitted with K-series engines had a standard K40 fitted with a column shifter
  • Toyota Racing Development** has produced a fourth gear closer to third in Ratio


Oil capacity:4.2 lmp pints(2.45L)

Synchromesh on all Forward Gears


  • First Gear: 3.789:1
  • Second Gear: 2.220:1
  • Third Gear: 1.435:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.000:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.865:1
  • Reverse gear: 4.316:1


  • Most 5-speed RWD Tercel, Starlets and Corollas with K-series engines.
  • 1986 Corolla with 3A-U and 4A-U engines.
  • KM20 series LiteAces were fitted with K50 transmissions to 4K and 5K engines as an option, and to the 7K as standard.

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