Toyota Hybrid X

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Toyota Hybrid X Concept
Toyota Hybrid X Concept.jpg
Parent companyToyota
Body style(s)Sedan
Wheelbase800 mm (31.5 in)
Length4500 mm (177.2 in)
Width850 mm (33.5 in)
Height440 mm (17.3 in)
ManualService Manual

The Toyota Hybrid X is a hybrid concept introduced at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Toyota claims the design of this concept car points to the future direction of the Toyota Prius. According to interior designer Laurent Bouzige, the Hybrid X is supposed to be a very sensory experience, and the ambiance is linked to the passengers' sight, sound, touch, and smell senses.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Hybrid X is conceived as a multi-sensory experience." Laurent Bouzige (from this article)

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