Toyota FXV-II

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Future eXperimental Vehicle II. Shown at the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show.

It had an all alloy, quad cam, 32 valve, EFI, 3.8 litre V8 engine. Not clear if the engine was a development of the V series engines used in the Century or a prototype of the 1UZ-FE which was later used in the Lexus LS400 (some 1UZ-FE prototypes from about 1987 were the same size). The radiator cooling fans were hydraulically driven under computer control.

The drivetrain was Toyota's only 4WD system using a V8. The front/rear split was normally 30/70 but could change up to 50/50. A 4 speed electronically controlled automatic gearbox was used. Electronic Skid Control and Traction Control were included.

The Pegasus (Precision Engineered Geometrically Advanced SUSpension) was a prototype for new suspension used on later Cressidas, Soarers and Supras. Not sure if it included 4 wheel steering.

Inside had GPS navigation and computerised CRT displays.

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