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Toyota Coaster used by AVIS Bus Rental in Australia.
The newest Toyota LPG Coaster in Hong Kong.

The Toyota Coaster is a minibus produced by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Coaster sold in Australia has a seating capacity of 21 (including driver). Its engine is a 4.0L turbo diesel.

The Coaster is easily found in Hong Kong, and is used by most minibus operators. Toyota LPG Coaster was developed specially to address serious air pollution problems in busy urban areas in Hong Kong. It emits less harmful gas, and totally eliminates black smoke and suspended particle emissions. In Hong Kong, many public light buses and some health vans have been switched to LPG.

The Toyota Coaster is widely used in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, as public transportation. These buses are imported mainly from Asia and had to be transformed (changed the steering wheel to the left, and change the passenger door to the other side).

The vehicle is also common in the developing world, where its reliability and cost effectiveness has made it a mainstay for minibus operators in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Also, the Chassis of the Toyota Coaster is used on the Salvador Caetano Optimo.


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