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The Toyota C engine family was a series of inline-4 diesel engines.

Code Capacity (cc) Bore (mm) Stroke (mm) Power (kW) Torque (Nm)
1C 1839 83.0 85.0 49
2C 1974 86.0 85.0 54
2C-T 1974 86.0 85.0 65
3C 58
3C-TE 69



The 2C was a long running diesel engine, with some models (e.g. Toyota Corona) receiving the turbo version 2C-T which provided 65 kW. It was replaced by the more economical 3C-TE in the above model from 1999.


Although having a larger displacement than the 2C-T, the 3C-TE was more economical and powerful at 69 kW. The C series engines were replaced by the CD series in the European market, while Toyota stopped selling diesel models in Japan after the 3C-TE.