Toyota A-BAT

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Toyota A-BAT
Toyota A-Bat at the Chicago Auto Show, 2008.
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The Toyota A-BAT is a concept truck revealed on 27 December, 2007 and manufactured by Toyota.[1][2] The A-BAT is the first Toyota to have a mid-gate allowing cargo longer than the standard four-foot bed to extend into the cab. Power for the A-BAT comes from Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive mated to a four-cylinder engine. The A-BAT officially debuts at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The concept truck is similar in size to Toyota's compact SUV, the RAV-4. The A-BAT measures 181.3 inches in length[1], while the RAV-4 measures 181.1 inches[2]. It can also seat up to four people.

On September 22, the website indicated that Toyota had confirmed that some form of the Toyota A-BAT would see production, barring unforeseen production costs. The article also stated that Toyota had canceled production of a Tundra diesel truck. Although Toyota later denied official confirmation of the Tundra's cancellation, no mention was made denying the statement regarding the A-BAT. Sources say that a production version of the concept will likely have a four-cylinder engine as an option, as well as a four-cylinder hybrid engine.[3]