Subaru SRD-1

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The Subaru SRD-1 (Subaru Research and Design) was, according to the double sided color placard, "An innovative dream wagon concept for the '90s and beyond". It was a luxury sports wagon concept car that wasn't put into production. The placard stated the reason Subaru created the car was "Subaru has long been recognized as having the most popular line of import station wagons in the US" and "to strengthen this leadership position, Subaru Research & Design developed the SRD-1, a family station wagon concept car, with characteristic attention to the future needs of the mature wagon users in the latter half of the 1990's".

It was supplied with a 3.3 liter DOHC 24-valve horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine and fulltime 4-wheel drive with electronically controlled center differential.

The styling was described as having "a very short nose and long passenger compartment designed to provide plenty of room for people and cargo".

Overall Length=177.6 inches
Overall Width=78.2 inches
Overall Height 51.6 inches
Wheelbase=114.4 inches
Curb Weight=3300 lbs.

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