Subaru R2

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Subaru R2 (2003-2005)

The Subaru R2 was announced in Japan on December 8 2003. It is Subaru's re-entry in the Japanese kei car market.

The R2 name was inspired by the Subaru R-2, the kei car model that was produced between 1969 to 1972.

The R2's exterior reflects influence from Andreas Zapatinas , who worked at Alfa Romeo before moving to Subaru. The R2 is the first production Subaru to sport a new family look, including the aviation-inspired "spread wings grille" .

The R2's exterior dimensions are largely similar to its predecessor, the Subaru Pleo, but unlike the squarish Pleo, the R2 is deliberately rounded, less efficient form.

Three variations of the 4-cylinder, 658 cc engine are available:

The two lower engines are available with either a manual transmission or a CVT. The supercharged engine is coupled to a sportshift version of the CVT ("7 speed iCVT"). Both front wheel drive and all wheel drive are available.

Initially, the R2 was available in 11 colors and 3 trim levels (one for each engine variation).

On January 4 2005, the Subaru R1 was introduced, a 2-door version of the R2 with a shorter body and wheelbase.