Scion xP

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Scion xP
Body style(s)2-door pickup truck
Transmission(s)5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic

The Scion xP is a concept car created under one of Toyota's brands, Scion. It was first introduced at the 2007 New York International Auto Show[1]. The xP seeks to set fill a niche in the Scion line-up by becoming the first pickup truck.


The Scion xP seeks to merge the qualities of a pickup with the aesthetics of a race car. The car has " has a low, aggressive stance with a race helmet inspired wraparound window that provides a panoramic view. The visor-like windshield is balanced by strong C-pillars, adding a sense of security and protection."[2]. The engine is rumored to be the same 2AZ-FE engine that is currently in the Scion tC and xB. The xP also seeks to include "an infrared sensor in the rear bumper to activate the tailgate", a feature it hopes to target towards users who wish to use the tailgate as a bench. In addition the tailgate, the xP also includes a "rear console houses a detachable beverage cooler. This arrangement is paired with rear foldout speakers for an unexpected social environment"[3].