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Scion xB
2008 Scion xB
Also calledToyota bB
Toyota Corolla Rumion
ClassCompact car
Body style(s)5-door station wagon[1]
LayoutFF layout
Transmission(s)5-speed manual
4-speed automatic
ManualService Manual

The Scion xB is a vehicle made by Toyota for the United States market and sold under their youth-oriented Scion brand. It is a box-shaped, 5-door compact station wagon.

First generation (2004-2007)

The first-generation xB was a lightly-modified and rebadged version of the Japanese-market subcompact Toyota bB. It was a small station wagon based on the Toyota Echo/Yaris platform. The xB was one of two models in the lineup of Toyota's US-exclusive Scion division present at the brand's 2004 launch, the other being the xA, based on the Toyota ist.

First generation xB vs. first generation bB

Scion xB
2006 Scion xB
AssemblyToyota, Aichi, Japan
Body style(s)5-door SUV
Engine(s)1.5L 103 hp (77 kW) - 108 hp (81 kW) 1NZ-FE I4
1.3 L 2NZ-FE I4 (bB only)
Wheelbase98.4 in (2,499 mm)
Length155.3 in (3,945 mm)
Width66.5 in (1,689 mm)
Height64.6 inches (1,641 mm)
Curb weight2,395 lb (1,086 kg)
GVWR 3,315 lb (1,504 kg)
RelatedScion xA
Toyota Platz
Toyota Vitz

Only the first generation models for both the xB and bB are related. Second generation models are based upon different platforms.

To create the first generation xB, the bB was modified from right- to left-hand drive, the front passenger area was also changed significantly with the bB's front bench seat replaced with bucket seats and the column-mounted shifter changed to a floor-mounted shifter.

The available drivetrains also differed. The bB was available with either the 1.3 L I4 2NZ-FE engine or the 1.5 L 1NZ-FE, mated exclusively to a 4-speed automatic transmission with available all wheel drive. The xB was only available with the 1NZ-FE that produced 108 hp (81 kW) and 105 lb·ft (142 N·m) in US spec, but offered both a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. All-wheel drive was not offered on the xB.

The Toyota bB was not equipped with a spare tire. On the Scion xB, a compact spare tire was stored under the left side of a raised rear cargo floor. Since the spare tire raised the cargo floor by several inches, a storage bin was added to the right of the spare tire to reclaim some of the lost storage space. A jack was stored under the driver's seat of the xB.

The Toyota bB had a pull-out storage tray under the passenger seat that the xB lacks.

The bB began production in 1999, five years before the introduction of the xB, which was first sold for the 2004 model year. Sales of the bB ended in 2005, one year before the first generation xB ended.

Scion RIDE

It is a 1:18 Ridemakerz model based on Scion xB. The body was available in Cannonball Black, Comet Blue and Wasabi Green.

The 7:8 full-sized concept and the toy were unveiled in 2007 SEMA show.[2]


The Scion xB received a Good overall score in the IIHS frontal offset test, all measured categories in this test were also rated Good. The xB was given a Poor overall score in the side impact test. The xB did not offer side airbags. [3]

Second generation (2008-present)

Scion xB
2008 Scion xB
AssemblyKanegasaki, Isawa, Iwate, Japan
Engine(s)2.4L 158 hp (118 kW) I4 (Scion xB only)
1.3 L K3-VE I4
1.5 L 3SZ-VE I4
Wheelbase102.4 in (2,601 mm)
Length167.3 in (4,249 mm)
Width69.3 in (1,760 mm)
Height64.7 in (1,643 mm)
Curb weight3,026 lb (1,373 kg)
GVWR 3,370 lb (1,529 kg)
RelatedToyota Corolla
Toyota Matrix

The Scion xB is styled as a 5-door version of the t2B concept unveiled at the 2006 New York Auto Show. Toyota unveiled the production xB at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. Manufactured for Toyota by Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.[4], the new xB is less boxy in shape and larger than its predecessor. The 2008 xB is 2.8-inch (71 mm) wider, 12-inch (300 mm) longer (including 4-inch (100 mm) longer wheel to wheel) and over 600 pounds (270 kg) heavier than the first-generation xB.

The second-generation xB is powered by a 2.4L engine shared with the tC and the Toyota Camry, which adds about 50% more power, but at 22 mpg-US (11 L/100 km; 26 mpg-imp) City / 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp) Hwy[5] also has a higher fuel consumption than the previous model's 1.5l engine (26 mpg-US (9.0 L/100 km; 31 mpg-imp) City / 31 mpg-US (7.6 L/100 km; 37 mpg-imp) Hwy using the new 2008 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy standard)[6].

A five-speed manual and a sequential-shift four-speed automatic are the only factory options aside from the color and stereo. The second-generation Scion xB is not a rebadged Toyota bB like the first-generation model, but instead was designed based on American buyers "wants" based on the Corolla Rumion in Japan.

A choice of three new head units are available on all 2008 Scions. All sound systems feature six speakers and standard iPod connectivity. The base head unit has MP3, WMA, and AAC CD compatibility and Scion's SSP equalizer presets. The base unit can also be set to any of three Scion model presets (xB, xD, or tC) and includes an "Automatic Sound Levelizer" feature that automatically increases the volume as the vehicle speed and ambient noise increases. The Premium head unit features a small LCD that can display pictures and movies downloaded from Pioneer's website in addition to the features on the base unit. A navigation system is also available. The SNS 100 system can play DVD movies in addition to GPS functionality and the features of the base system, aside from the backlit color choices.


All xB's come standard with four-wheel ABS, driver and front passenger dual stage airbags, front seat-mounted side torso airbags, front and rear side curtain airbags, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and a first-aid kit.[7]

The Scion xB is given an overall Good score in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety frontal offset crash test. And another Good overall score in the side impact crash test, all nine measured categories are also rated Good.[8] The IIHS has given the xB its Top Safety Pick award.

Car And Driver magazine rated the 2008 xB as one of the top ten safe vehicles under $25,000 [9]

Scion marketing

The Scion xB's marketing is aimed at Generation Y, Americans born between 1980 and 1994. This group of car buyers is extremely important to manufacturers due to their large numbers (78 million) and their differing perceptions and demands of the vehicles they drive.

Although Toyota expected the xA to sell better than the xB, the reverse proved to be true, with the xB outselling its brother 2 to 1[10], possibly due to the xB's distinctive styling, and the xB's unique combination of van-like cargo and passenger space with a very compact size.[original research?] The latter features appealed to buyers outside the target demographic who were looking for a thrifty but roomy vehicle as a substitute for a more mainstream minivan.

The xB, like the xA and tC, was also available in a "Release Series" for each of its model years. These came with limited-edition paint colors, matching seat colors, and special modifications such as DVD players, custom tail lights, special wheels or wheel covers, and other accessories, along with special badging indicating the serial number. Limited Edition vehicles were, from a marketing standpoint, used to create a buzz for the brand name, with their exterior colors tending toward loud or bright hues (i.e. orange, yellow, red, blue, green). Because of the growing popularity of the Scion product line and the small production runs (most dealers only receive two or three of each RS model), these limited edition vehicles quickly sell out. Preordering is available at each dealership on a first-come, first-served basis. Scion's "Pure Price" program requires dealerships to sell the vehicle at the advertised price. Naturally, resale values of Release Series vehicles command a premium because of their packaged options and scarcity.

Release series vehicles

2004 xB RS 1.0


  • xB RS 1.0 only available in Hot Lava Orange with 2100 units produced (504 units w/5spd, 1596 units w/automatic)


  • xB RS 2.0 only available in Solar Yellow with 2500 units produced


  • xB RS 3.0 only available in Envy Green with 2200 units produced
  • xB RS 4.0 only available in Maziora Torched Penny (polarized goldish-brown) with 2500 units produced)


  • xB RS 5.0 only available in Gold Rush Mica with 2500 units produced (First RS Scion other than the tC to have a sunroof)


  • xB RS 6.0 only available in Absolutely Red with 2500 units produced

U.S. sales

Calendar Year Sales
2002[11] n/a
2003 6,936
2004[12] 47,013
2005 54,037
2006 61,306
2007 45,834
2008 45,220

Scion xB in the media

  • In late 2006 Circuit City chose the Scion xB as fleet vehicle for their Firedog technology-assistance program. After the redesign in 2008, the xB was replaced with the Chevrolet HHR.
  • A group in Charlottesville, Virginia, known as Team Jefferson, have developed an autonomous self-driving Scion xB for the DARPA Urban Challenge.[13]
  • In the American-made TV series "Transformers Animated" (2008-present), the Decepticon character Soundwave transforms into a dark blue vehicle form very similar to the Scion xB, though with electric-blue highlights. This character has- as of the second season finale- only appeared once, and is based on the famous G1 character from the original TV series in 1984 (which changed instead into a cassette tape boombox).
  • The Transformer Skids was given the body of the Scion xB for the Transformers Alternators toy line.
  • In the Disney/Pixar movie Cars, DJ is based on a 2004 Scion xB.
  • Actor, director and producer Tom Hanks owns an AC Propulsion eBox, a Scion xB that has been modified to turn it into a 200HP battery electric vehicle. A short film about his car can be seen on Hanks' MySpace page.
  • In the new season of Assy McGee there a scene in every episode where Assy runs a car dealer lot and promotes the new Scion xB.
  • In the movie iCarly: iGo to Japan Kyoko and Yuki take the iCarly crew around Japan in a second generation Scion xB which is mistaken as a van.

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