Hino Blue Ribbon

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Hino Blue Ribbon
Hinomaru Bus 1231.jpg
PredecessorHino RE/RC
Hino RS Skeleton(Tourist coach)
SuccessorHino S'elega (Tourist coach)
Body style(s)Bus
Transmission(s)Hino (manual)/ZF(automatic)
RelatedIsuzu Erga
ManualService Manual

The Hino Blue Ribbon (kana:日野・ブルーリボン) is a heavy-duty bus built by Hino. The range was primarily available as city bus and tourist coach.

RE/RC (1960-1984)[edit | edit source]

  • RB10-P (1960)
  • RB10 (1961)
  • RC10-P (1961)
  • RC100-P (1962)
  • RE100 (1967)
  • RC300/320 (1967)
  • RE101/121/141/161 (1977)
  • RC301/321/381 (1977)
  • RC701P/721P (1979)
  • K-RE101/121/141/161 (1980)
  • K-RC301/321/381 (1980)

Blue Ribbon (1982-2000)[edit | edit source]

One-step and two-step

The Blue Ribbon introduced in 1982, The RT/RU22 engine is EM100 6-cylinedr, 9.4 litre (225ps) diesel engine. The HT/HU22 engine is ER200 6-cylinder, 11.6 litre (225ps) diesel engine. The HT/HT23, HT/HU2M engine is M10U 6-cylinder, 9.9 litre (230ps) diesel engine.

  • K-RT/RU22(1982)
  • P-HT/HU22(1984)
  • P-HT/HU23(1985)
  • U-HT/HU2M(1990)
  • KC-HT/HU2M(1995)


The Blue Ribbon non-step (low-floor) is introduced in 1997 Tokyo Motor Show. The HU2P engine is P11C 6-cylinder, 10.5 litre (250ps) diesel engine with turbocharger. The HU2P transmission is ZF Ecomat automatic transmission standard.

  • HU2P (1997)
  • KC-HU2P (1998)

Blue Ribbon (Tourist coach, 1982-1990)[edit | edit source]

  • K-RU60/63(1982)
  • P-RU60/63(1985)

Blue Ribbon HIMR[edit | edit source]

HIMR is hybrid vehicle. Induction motor and batteries equipped in car. When vehicle start, motor assist engine, and braking, motor operating as electric retarder, and accumlate energy to battery.

  • U-HU2MLAkai(1991)
  • U-HU2MLAH(1994)
  • KC-RU1JLCH(1995)

Blue Ribbon City (2000-2005)[edit | edit source]

  • KL-HU2P(2000)
    • Engine: P11C (turbocharged: 250PS or 300PS)
    • Transmission: 5-speed manual or ZF Ecomat (non-step: standard)

FCHV-BUS: the 1st of fuel cell bus in Japan, based this.

Blue Ribbon City HIMR (2001-2005)/Hybrid (2005-present)[edit | edit source]

  • HM-HU1JLEP/MEP(2001)
  • ACG-HU8JLFP/MFP(2005)
  • BJG-HU8JLFP/MFP(2007)
    • Engine: J08C (turbocharged: 177kW/240PS) with motor-assisted

HU1J is one-step model, battery changed to Ni-MH. And HU8J is non-step model, equipped 4 Ni-MH batteries from Toyota Prius on the roof.

Blue Ribbon II (2004-present)[edit | edit source]

The Hino Blue Ribbon II is a rebadged by Isuzu Erga.

  • KL-KV280L1/N1(2004)
  • PJ-KV234L1/N1/Q1(2004)
  • PDG/PKG-KV234L2/N2/Q2

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