Daihatsu Fellow Max

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A Daihatsu Max

The Daihatsu Fellow Max is an automobile. It is also known as the Daihatsu Fellow and Daihatsu Max.


In 1966, Daihatsu introduced the Fellow, also known as Daihatsu 360 for export markets. In 1969, the Daihatsu Fellow Max was introduced to replace the Daihatsu Fellow. In 1977 the cars were renamed Daihatsu Max Cuore with the length now 316 cm for the sedans and 316.5 cm for the wagon. By March, 1979 the car was renamed Daihatsu Cuore (though still badged Max Cuore). In Europe, the car was called Daihatsu Cuore from 1977 on. 1980 saw the introduction of the Daihatsu Mira sold alongside the Fellow until 1987.


The Daihatsu Max is a newer version of the Daihatsu Fellow Max. It appeared in 2000. In October, 2001 the Daihatsu Max 5-door wagon arrived with the same technical data as the Daihatsu Move, though 10 mm lower.[1]