Daihatsu Charmant

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1987 Daihatsu Charmant

The Daihatsu Charmant was a compact sedan built by Daihatsu of Japan, based on the Toyota Corolla. It was replaced by the Daihatsu Applause.

The Charmant was originally a spin-off of the Toyota Corolla of the 1970s; model changes paralleled that of the Corolla.

Trim levels were LC, LE and LGX; these continued until 1987 when the range was discontinued in the United Kingdom.

The A35 body numbered Charmants were equipped with 1300 cc engines. This type of engines were coded as 4K Toyota engines. A 1600 cc (OHC) engine was also available, which could be ordered with a 3-speed semi-automatic transmission.

The Daihatsu Charmant was aimed at the small executive saloon car market in Britain in the 1980s. Other cars in this class included the Vauxhall Belmont, Volkswagen Jetta, Rover 213/216 and the Ford Orion.