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In Japan, Toyota currently has a network of five dealerships that sold specific models that was established initially with four stores starting April 1980. The dealership names were, the Toyota Store, Toyota Vista Store, Toyopet Store and the Toyota Corolla Store. In April 2004, the Toyota Vista Store was renamed Toyota Netz. In August 2005, Toyota introduced Lexus with 143 locations to Japan, and Lexus branded vehicles are only sold by Lexus stores. The five Toyota dealerships within the Tokyo Metropolitian area and Osaka sell models that are not normally found at dealerships throughout Japan. Some vehicles are exclusive to particular stores, while other vehicles are shared between two or more dealerships as local markets warrant.

Toyota Store (Tokorozawa,Saitama) Toyota Netz store (Osaka,Imafuku store) Toyopet Store (Tokorozawa, Saitama) Toyota Corolla Store (Tokorozawa,Saitama) Lexus Store (Setagaya District,Tokyo)

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