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Toyota TF103
Auto racing Formula One
Constructor Toyota F1
Automotive design Flag of Austria Gustav Brunner
Technical Specifications
Chassis carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite Monocoque
Suspension (front) Push rod with Torsion bar
Suspension (rear) Push rod with Torsion bar
Internal combustion engine Toyota RVX-03
Transmission (mechanics) Six Gear, Semi-Automatic
Fuel Esso
Tire Michelin
Competition History
Notable entrants Panasonic Toyota Racing
Notable drivers Flag of France Olivier Panis
Flag of Brazil Cristiano da Matta
Debut 2003 Australian Grand Prix
 Races   Wins    Pole position     Fastest lap   
16 0 0 0
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
Toyota TF103 Steering wheel

The Toyota TF103 was the Gustav Brunner designed machine with which the Toyota F1 team competed in the 2003 Formula One season. Unveiled on January 8th 2003 at the Paul Ricard circuit, its drivers were the Frenchman Olivier Panis and Brazilian Cristiano da Matta, the reigning Champ Car World Series Champion from 2002.



The TF103 was quite a conservative design, by the team's admission it was more of a 'logical evolution' from its predecessor the TF102. Lighter and with more downforce, the car was a joint effort between Gustav Brunner's design team and Keizo Takahashi, chief of Technical co-ordination.

The biggest improvement over the TF102 came with the engine, the RVX-03 had been tested for the first time in September 2002 and offered the team benefits twofold over the RVX-02; it was lighter, and provided more power. The engine was the brainchild of Italian designer Luca Marmorini.


The TF103 stepped up a level in terms of performance too, with the car scoring a total of sixteen points between its drivers, da Matta outscoring Panis 10-6. Perhaps the most notable race involving the TF103 was at Silverstone Circuit for the 2003 British Grand Prix when both cars ran 1-2 for a time admist the confusion brought about by a Neil Horan on the 11th lap.

In the constructors standings, Toyota finished in eighth, still some way off the performance their massive budget should have allowed, but equally too, it was a notable improvement on their 2002 finish.

Complete Formula One results

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position)

Year Chassis/Engine
Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Points WCC
2003 Formula One season TF103
Toyota V10 engine
2003 Australian Grand Prix 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix 2003 San Marino Grand Prix 2003 Spanish Grand Prix 2003 Austrian Grand Prix 2003 Monaco Grand Prix 2003 Canadian Grand Prix 2003 European Grand Prix 2003 French Grand Prix 2003 British Grand Prix 2003 German Grand Prix 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix 2003 Italian Grand Prix 2003 United States Grand Prix 2003 Japanese Grand Prix 16 8th
Flag of France Olivier Panis Ret Ret Ret 9 Ret Ret 13 8 Ret 8 11 5 Ret Ret Ret 10
Flag of Brazil Cristiano da Matta Ret 11 10 12 6 10 9 11 Ret 11 7 6 11 Ret 9 7

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