Toyota Sportivo Coupe

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Toyota Sportivo Coupe
Automotive industryToyota Motor Corporation
Production2004 (concept car)
PredecessorList of acronyms and initialisms: N
Car classificationCoupé
Car body style2-door Coupe

The Toyota Sportivo is a Concept car developed by Toyota of Australia. The car is most notable for not only its decidedly high-tech design, but that it was designed by a group of Teenagers (ages 14-18). Key design elements include a Speedometer in which the speed limit always occupies the 12 o'clock position. It also features GPS, Bluetooth, and a Driver I.D. system which automatically configures the car to the drivers settings saved on the card. The entire vehicle was built in 30 weeks using CAD and Rapid prototyping. The vehicle is built on top of a modular Toyota frame.



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