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Mark X Zio (A10)
Mark X Zio
Automotive industryToyota
PredecessorMark II Blit
Car classificationFull-size car
Car body style5-door Wagon (wagon)
Automobile layoutFront-engine design, Front-wheel drive / Four-wheel drive
Internal combustion engine2.4 L 2AZ-FE I4
3.5 L 2GR-FE V6
Transmission (mechanics)6-speed Automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission

The Mark X Zio (ZiO) replaces the Mark II Blit wagon. The "4+Free" concept allows for a wide range of interior configuration. The Zio's "three mode" cabin can accommodate from four to seven passengers. In "personal sedan mode," a tonneau board with dual tonneau covers creates a sedan like vehicle. Stow the tonneau board and covers, and the "active wagon mode" creates a large cargo space in the rear. The "friendly minivan mode" adds seating for more passengers by raising the third-row seats in the cargo space.

The Mark X Zio shares few features with the Mark X besides the name. The Zio chassis is derived from the Camry. The 2.4 L Zio is available in Front-wheel drive (ANA10 chassis code) or Four-wheel drive (ANA15 chassis code)with the 2AZ-FE motor and Continuously variable transmission (CVT). The 3.5 L Zio is available in front wheel drive only (GGA10 chassis code) with the 2GR-FE motor and 6-speed automatic transmission.[1]

The Mark X Zio based on the 2005 Toyota FSC concept car


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