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Fujio Chō (張 富士夫Japanese) (born February 2, 1937) is Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation. In the Japan system, that puts him in charge of the country's largest Automaker. Chō is only the second "outsider" to head Toyota Motor Co. since the members of the founding Toyoda family stepped aside in 1995.

A Lawyer by training, Chō has been serving as Chair (official) and Representative Director of Toyota Motor Corporation since June 2006. He joined the Company in April 1960. His previous titles include Managing Director, Senior Managing Director, Vice President, President and Vice Chairman of the Board. He previously served as President in a subsidiary.

Chō has been a strong advocate of environmentally-friendly automotive technology, such as the hybrid-electric Prius.

Time (magazine) magazine included Chō in its list of List of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2004.

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