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DENSO Corporation (株式会社デンソー Kabushiki-gaisha DensōJapanese) (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6902) is a global Automotive components manufacturer headquartered in the city of Kariya, Aichi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Established December 16, 1949 as Nippondenso Co. Ltd. (日本電装株式会社 Nippon Densō Kabushiki-gaishaJapanese), DENSO is a member of the Toyota Group companies. In a way, Denso is to Toyota what Delphi (auto parts) is to General Motors, or, what Visteon is to Ford, or, what Keihin is to Honda or what Bosch Gmbh is to Volkswagen. Originally, DENSO was the electrical component manufacturing division of Toyota Motor Corporation, segregated during post-WWII reconstruction as the Japanese "war machine" was dismantled.

The company is known for creating the QR Code, a two-dimensional barcoding system which is particularly prevalent in Japan.

As of March 31, 2005 DENSO Corporation consisted of 171 subsidiaries (64 in Japan, 33 in The Americas, 31 in Europe and 43 in Asia/Oceania) with a total of 104,183 employees. In 2006, DENSO was listed at #207 on the Fortune 500 list with a total revenue of US$ 28.2 billion and a profit of US$ 1.5 billion.[1]



In 2004, DENSO's global sales were distributed as follows:

  • Thermal Systems 34.9%
  • Powertrain Control Systems 22.7%
  • Electronic Systems 14.8%
  • Electric Systems 11.4%
  • Small Motors 7.1%
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) 3.6%
  • Industrial Systems, Consumer Products 2.1%
  • Other Automotive 1.4%

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